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I am fortunate to have been spending the new year’s holiday with family and friends in the winter wonderland of Breckenridge, Colorado. Each morning, I’ve been leading various family members and friends through guided meditations. Today, I wanted to create a special intention-setting meditation for the new year. So I wrote something out and just led a group through it. Sharing this meditation with them was such a meaningful experience for me. Afterward, their reactions and feedback inspired me to put it up here. This new year, I am grateful to be surrounded by so much love and abundance in my life, and to be able to share that love and abundance with those around me.

Prior to the guided meditation, we used essential oils (a blend of peppermint and wild sweet orange) to awaken the senses, did a few (6) rounds of alternate nostril breathing, and sat in quiet meditation for a couple of minutes, focusing on the breath. Because mantra can be an incredibly powerful form of meditation, especially for beginners, I offered the option to inhale and think “calm”, exhale “stress”, inhale “energy”, exhale “negativity”. After a few minutes of centering ourselves through pranayama and quiet seated meditation, I read the following:

New Year’s Day Meditation:

Now start to meditate on what you want to manifest in the new year. This can appear as a concrete set of goals, or perhaps it shows up simply as a word or two. The new year offers us opportunity for new beginnings and recreation of self. 

First, consider what you will let go of, in order to carve out space for your new intention in 2015. Letting go of what no longer serves us is a powerful exercise. Bringing to your mind’s eye what you will let go of, notice how the released energy feels in your body. Do you feel any freeing sensations? Perhaps it shows up as a newfound lightness somewhere along your spine. Maybe your heart can lift a bit and your shoulders can drop, no longer clutching unnecessary tensions amid your heart center. Maybe your face softens and your mind’s eye begins to smile, extending the smile throughout the rest of your body. 

As we let go of the old, feel the space now available within. Allow yourself to be filled up with space — a blank slate of full potential. Now, as you continue to breathe in deeply – long, calm inhales and exhales, envision the empty space filling up with light energy. As the light extends from the crown of your head, through your neck and shoulders, to your heart, down to your belly and your gut, through your pelvis and hips, out through your extremities – your arms and legs, fingertips and toe tips, start to contemplate what it is that you want to create for yourself. Perhaps you want to establish strong roots, or cultivate your relationships, with self or others. Maybe you want to stand in your own power and open yourself to transformation. Or perhaps you want to create an environment of self-acceptance and self-love, so you can extend that love to the world around you. Maybe you want to establish freedom of expression and open creativity. Or possibly you want to tap into deeper intuitive power through cultivating listening to your self and the universe around you.

As you sit in contemplation of what you want most for yourself in the new year, consider how your manifestation connects to your deeper sense of purpose. You can ask yourself the question: “What is my service to the world, and how can I best do this?”*

Think about your natural talents and innate abilities. How can you cultivate your deep-seeded strengths? How can you leave your mark, directing your energy into a positive imprint? This imprint need not be far-reaching to be powerful. Some of the most powerful action steps we can take begin with changing our own, personal, internal energy. Continuing to focus on acceptance and love of self. By filling your own cup first, you will then have the ability to help fill the cups of others. Breathe a long breath directly to your deepest desires of what you want to create for yourself. And know that whatever your new year’s intention is, it is completely perfect. 

As you sit with your manifestation intention for the new year, now imagine yourself on the other side of this intention. How do you feel after you have fulfilled everything that you want for yourself? What emotions come up? What physical sensations arise in your body, as you envision the end result of creating the life that you desire?

Any emotions or sensations from your manifestation are not distant or separated. They are always within you. You always have the ability to come back to the feeling you have right now. Know that you always carry this within you. It is part of you. You are connected. 

***Now take a few minutes to write freely about your intentions for the new year. This writing can be stream-of-conscious – it does not need to fit any specific format. You can write about your manifestations, your new year’s mantra, what you want to create or let go of. You can also write about how your intention makes you feel.***

After writing your intentions out, return to your comfortable, upright, seated position. Now that we have envisioned, written, and sat with our 2015 intentions – the next step is perhaps the most freeing piece of manifestation. Let go of whatever it is that you want to happen. Trust that simply setting the intention is enough. The intention lies deeply rooted within your being. You have written out exactly what you want, and made your intention known to the universe. Have faith that the universe will create the circumstances for your intentions to happen. All you need to do is show up, moment by moment, and stay present to whatever arises for you. There is no need to force or cause anything to happen — trust that your own, inner will is enough. You are enough. You are already whole and complete, just as you are in this moment. Each and every moment offers opportunity to remember that sense of wholeness, completeness, and connection. To reconnect to self and the universe. Everything is already happening, right on time. 

Begin to come back to your breath, to this room, to the here and now. Take a deep inhale and exhale. And say to yourself “I am ready”. You are ready, for this moment and whatever it brings.

Personal intention-setting story:

In my experience, the most powerful piece of intention-setting is letting go of the end result and having faith that it will work out. A couple of years ago, I set intentions for 2013. I had my intentions written down on a card that I hung next to my fridge, where I would see it every day, to remind myself of what I hoped to accomplish that year. For the first half of the year or so, I worked really hard to make one goal in particular happen. And I kept getting rejected, over and over again. Finally, sometime probably around August, I remember telling myself – “Ok, it looks like it might not happen this year after all. Maybe this just isn’t the right time for me. And that is okay.” Less than a month later, I got a phone call from an acquaintance, and everything fell into place so beautifully, I did not need to try to make it happen at all. This demonstrated to me the power of the universe. When something is meant to happen, it will just flow. All I needed to do to create this intention for myself, and continue to show up, practice, and have faith.

More recently – last spring I had a Vedic reading done, which ended up being an amazingly powerful session in which I deepened my understanding of myself and practiced life-coaching type skills. Prior to the session, I was asked to set goals: three 6-month goals, three 1-year goals, and three 5-year goals. I wrote them down, sent them in, and then totally forgot what they were or that I had even written them down. Five months later, I was doing a 40-day detox program at Spark Yoga. As part of the program, we set goals and journaled about them. When it came time for me to do my journaling, I (looking to cut corners) thought to myself – “wait, I already have goals! I’ll just recycle” (way easier than putting forth the effort of writing all new goals, right?!) So I found the document in an old email, re-opened and read my goals. I was shocked. In only 5 months, every one of my 6-month and 1-year goals had happened. Without me trying or even focusing on them, whatsoever.

So, in my experience, this stuff works. The workings of the universe flow together in a far more intelligent, seamlessly constructed manner than we can even imagine.

Thank you for reading. This 2015 I am grateful for each of you. This year, I want to manifest love, acceptance, and freedom. I want to let go of fear and attachment. What do you hope to manifest and create in 2015? I would love to connect with you if you want to share!

*Question from Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

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