yoga dad

dad1Today is all about celebrating the guy who not only willingly participated the first time I practice-taught yoga, but who has not stopped throwing down his mat with me since. I still have saved on my phone the recording of myself reading the 90-minute Journey Into Power sequence from when I began teacher training over two years ago. Now and again I listen to it for old times’ sake, complete with the backdrop of my dad breathing, and the moment during core work when he paused to say, “You want me to do what!?

My dad inspires me so much, and words cannot describe how grateful I am for his support. Whether it’s dropping his day to pop over and tear a hole in my bathroom wall when I have a leak, acting as a sounding board (always willing to tell me when I should drop the crazier ideas I come up with), or coming to nearly every yoga class I’ve taught, my dad continues to teach me the importance of just showing up. Thanks Dad, for agreeing to be my guinea pig when I “teach” and inspiring me to keep knocking down stones. Your soccer dad years may be coming to an end, but I’m so glad your days as yoga dad are just beginning.



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