not a blogger

i have a confession to make. that last blog posted yesterday, i wrote two weeks ago. i was all set to write that night, feeling freshly inspired about something. who cares what it was, i’m pretty sure the only people who read this thing are my parents anyway. hi mom & dad, i love you guys.

anyway, two weeks ago i cranked out way too many words like the non-blogger i am, and then went to preview so i could publish post and hit the sack. after a few weeks of writing a ton of (pardon my language), really bad crap, i felt proud of myself for finally actually finishing somethingonly then i froze. Continue reading “not a blogger”

settle for a slowdown

i’m going to feel a little stuck sometimes. instead of trying so hard to rush through the stuckness and get it undone, what if i just sit with it and notice what happens? notice if i’m scarfing down my dinner so that i can get to writing, because all of these thoughts are itching at my fingertips and i want so badly to just let them flow. Continue reading “settle for a slowdown”